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Writing type-safe HTML in Go with htmlgo

March 17, 2019

Using Deep Learning to isolate vocals from songs

February 10, 2019

A short post on isolating vocals from songs by training a WaveNet-like model on raw audio


Stylevinci - A search engine for fashion

Stylevinci.com aggregates clothing items and provides search features powered by deep learning. Users can search for visually similar items while adding other filters, such as price, colour or search terms.
Similarity search - We use a convolutional model to generate a vector representation of each clothing item. Therefore, a search for similar items becomes a nearest neighbour search in the resulting vector space.
The model is trained as a siamese network with the triplet loss and an auxillary classification target.
Colour annotation - Using instance segmentation and subsequent clustering, clothing items are automatically annotated with RGB colour values. This enables a precise colour search with an interactive colour picker.

Wishminer - Mining social media for product demands

Wishminer.com is a tool that mines Twitter and Reddit for people expressing product demands, mostly apps or websites.

It made it to the front-page of Hacker News and browsing on it can still provide hours of inspirational entertainment during bathroom activities.

FabrikFunk - A mobile app for monitoring manufacturing

Assisting machine operators in complex and highly automated production environments, we built a proactive information distribution system for industry 4.0 weaving mills. The system monitors weaving machines and delivers notifications on relevant machine events in real-time to mobile devices carried by the machine operators.
All connected weaving machines are represented by individual agents running on a Raspi. The agents communicate to the machines via TCP/IP.
An agent analyzes all machine data and determines which events are relevant to which operator in order to distribute them accordingly.
Operators receive notifications on smartphones and smart watches and become more effective at monitoring numerous machines at once.

Continuo - A mobile app for tracking habits

Continuo is an app that helps to stick with good routines. It is simple enough to actually keep using it for a long time. It was my first little app to get started with Android development.

Formula Student

The Formula Student is a worldwide engineering competition where students develop and build formula race cars with around 100 bhp and a vehicle mass of roughly 200 kg, resulting in 0 to 100 km/h in under 4 seconds. I was part of the RWTH Aachen team for two years where I became in charge of the mechanical drivetrain.
From MathWorks' blog:
'[...] About MATLAB & Simulink, Julian says: “It was great to have a tool in which you can simulate transients. We can see for every second in the race temperature and other parameters.” In Simscape, the first principles add-on for physical modeling, he chooses the cooler size and pump size that exactly fit the needs of his system. The result? Their car survived the most challenging race: the endurance test, where you have to keep the car running for 22 km. They even made a pretty good lap time and ranking, which takes into account the energy consumption. [...]'

Making Electronic Music

Just for the fun of it really, when I feel like I don't spend enough time in front of my computer...